Whats the Bloody Point?
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Scam 7 (started Aug 1, 2003)         Scammer comes clean
Dr Edward Smith  Very important person v Norman Gorman Smith-Bidet
blue = good guys     red = bad guys
Opening Email
I am able to assist
I will now move to declare a next of kin
My good friends call me Big Turd
I am a Lawyer and a very important person in my city
You are very serious geezer
They have endorsed and cleared you
Please confirm your status
Return on Tuesday
I will wait till your return
I have returned
Glad to have you back
Attacked by a Deinonychus while on holiday in Atlantis
Please contact him as directed
Which bit of "profoundly deaf" do you not understand?
Call the bank!
I thought you were intelligent?
You have no satisfactory reason not to contact him
You don't get it, do you Eddy?
Eddy has directed me to contact you.
I am very sorry for the miss understanding
You are required to come to Johannesburg South Africa
Your email is understood
Have you e mailed Mr Obeya as directed
I'm meeting him in South Africa
tell me in details when you are to make the trip
No idea Eddy
we cannot transfer this money to you without seen you in person
I will contact him on phone immediately
you are a highly educated and very talented man
come with an amount of US$13,700.00 in cash
When do you want me in South Africa?
i am afriad it is going to cost you much money
I'm amenable but I'm not thick
I hope that you understand me clear
I need a certificate of origination
you are to copy to me all interaction with Mr Obeya
I am unable to copy you in on all of our correspondence
with out waste of time forward the details
intelligent and trustworthy geezer of impeccable moral standing
i understand your view
I am sorry for the delay
he is to confirm your arrival soon
The organisation refused to fax your demanded certificate
Pull the other one it has bells on
Franky is now being a plonker. Have a word
i will communicate with him immediately
he expects you to come to South Africa before the weekend
Now you are the one being a plonker
i will forward the certificate to you
be in South Africa on or before tuesday
I will let you know
look forward to your immidiate trip
the organisation have refused to sell
you are to commence immediately
I feel paraniod
I am sulking
Now you are sluggish
are you for this transaction or for jokes
Dealing with lttle girls
you can be in South Africa by monday
see if he can get the approval by monday
Eddy Calls
Franky the idiot
We are all to work to actualize the date
changing Mr Obeya as payment officer might be impossible
I wish to deal with the organ grinder and not one of the monkeys
i am very anshious when it comes to this transaction
Ask the Vice President to email me
He oviously is an important and busy man
How many Ferrari's has he got?
I therefore present him to you as introduction
I will see what i can do
Our bank places much interest in costumer
What is your position, what has Mr White said?
you do seem to have your fair share of monkeys
I await your arrival plans as scheduled
My Arrival
I will meet you personaly at
He is a Monkey's backside
Frank Obeya is back
I have asked Mr White to take you off this case
please continue and give me fit back
I will assume charge of this transaction.
if that is the case why did the monkey's backside just email me
this is not airport arrival transaction
Say The Truth - i am not a baby
auto responder email
i assume that your have arrived
I have directed Mr Obeya to bring you to me
Mr White does not find your disappiontment pleasing
Mr White and Mr Obeya are liars.
we have a bit of communication problem
you are being bossy
moronic toilet cleaners
I will have him e mail you immediately
Please arrange for arrival again
I am confused by your recent mailings
i want you to provide with out dealy
You have my bank details already
I am most glad to see all is not lost
The account details for the transfer are as follows
Please tell me what is the development
another chase
I no longer trust this transaction
have Mr Obeya fired
We anshiously wait for you direction
I have made my self clear
How dare you call me a liar!
I have odered for the arrest of Mr Obeya
Mr Obeya told me your real name
I am so disappionted with you
you have gone into the wrong hands
a very bad and very dumb 419 scammer
Seed a little more doubt and confusion
Eddy pops by to say hello.
Are you still a very bad 419 scammer?
you have betrayed me
What exactly do think a thief and a liar could offer me?
Now is see were you are heading
You haven't answered the question
Eddy pops back to say "fool!!!!"
you are not very good at any of them
We could still do gd legitimate business together
Tell me what business you had in mind
Hppy New Year
Your New Year wishes gladdened me
Your US $25,000,000.00 is lying unclaimed
We'll need something like 14 trunks
Hope to conclude this business this time around
You have a deal
i will start up the whole transfer procedure
Johannesburg it is then
The fee is $13,750.00
need some assurance as to your identity
I will send the copy to you soon
Sorry for the delay
just waiting to hear from you
Returned mail: Service unavailable
I am still in the process
criminal activity
Do not worry all is well
It is not concern for you it is concern for me.
plesae dont send him more mail till i confirm ok
you may be a bad person for me to deal with
I am very thankful of this mail and will show it to the president
Please don't mind that stupid Joannathan
I am afraid that I do not believe anything you have said
Scammer comes clean
why not come and work for me in England
we do not need to quarrel
asking the police to detain you for stalking
Interpol and FBI will also be on you
back stabbing in business is normal
we big guys get it all

A Small Note
email: 419@whatsthebloodypoint.com
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