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Pull the other one it has bells on

From: smith.bidet
To: frobeya2000
Date: Wed 03/09/2003 17:01
Subject: Re: Fund Transfer.


Pull the other one it has bells on. What sort of business man do you think I am?

As far as the Eddy business goes I have no problems. However with regards to the
slogan you have already told me it is not the intellectual property of the bank but
you have not indicated who the originating organisation is. I do not negotiate
without all the facts. Before I can start discussions I have to establish

This is why I need a certificate of origination. This will establish and certify that
the slogan is the original creative work of the organisation and that it has
exclusive use and the right to licence the use of the slogan. It doesn't grant me use
of the slogan just shows me that I am negotiating with the legal owners.

I look forward to seeing the certificate.

Big Turd

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