Whats the Bloody Point?
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You are required to come to Johannesburg South Africa

From: frank obeya
To: smith.bidet
Date: Fri 22/08/2003 15:59
Subject: Re: Fund Transfer.

Attn : Mr. Norman,

I received your mail, We are in position of your fund and will release and transfer
the fund to you once you complete all the necessary documents.

After going through your file, you are required to come to Johannesburg South Africa
to sign for the release and transfer of your fund.

While you are required to come in person is because we have to be very sure that we
are paying the right beneficiary, we don't want to make a mistake by paying a wrong
beneficiary and you will come back to us for your money.

Comply with us for we to serve you better.

Yours truly,

Frank Obeya.

Ohh, Johannesburg again - this is getting to be something of a habit
Any of my SA readers want to volunteer to take more airport photos?

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