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i want you to provide with out dealy

From: frankwhite156
To: smith.bidet
Date: Fri 26/09/2003 12:16
Subject: Re: Our differences

Mr Smith-bidet,
I must confess that this transaction has stressed
us both in many ways . Please accept my sincere
The circumstance that we face is must peculair to
both us.We both travel a lot and we are very busy.
In a normal situiation you should be attended by
one of my assistants , but for the prefrence given to
you, I have decieded to handle your transfer, even
when i am on a trip.
As i am writing , i am heading to main town
Johannesburg.Mr Smith I understand is in Nigeria. i
must confess that he has rather become a pest to me
because of this transfer.
The performance bond fee , i think best should be
sent to the bank account of your new payment officer
who will be one of my assistants .
I will have him send the details of his account ,
on your approval.
Further more, as i stated the earlier time, i
want you to provide with out dealy , your banking
information and were you will be having the funds
transfered . Also give me your arrival details .
Have a nice day.
Frank White

Different countries and yet using the same computer.
Must be magic.

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