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They have endorsed and cleared you

From: ed_ward
To: smith.bidet
Date: Wed 06/08/2003 17:52
Subject: Re: transfer procedure

big turd,
i have just concluded with the director of general operation in the union bank
and other officials. They have endorsed and cleared you . I am must glad.
They have appionted Mr Obeya who is an official of the bank to effect the
Mr Obeya is a consultant of the bank under offcial duty in an affiliated bank
in South Africa.I have also discussed with him on the issue and he has requested you
to call him on this number immediately.
You are not to worry about any differences as i have fine tuned all this with
him and now he expect your call.His number is +
27 732XXXXXX.
I have itimated him of your call, and he has requested you to call him
immediately.He is a chartered accountant and an an official of the bank.he is
therefore to effect the transfer of these funds to you.
You are threfore to discuss with him on way to transfer this funds and give me
immediate fit back.You are just to introduce your self and the rest will go on.
Give me fit back on you interaction with Obeya for clarification .
William Smith

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