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Glad to have you back

From: ed_ward
To: smith.bidet
Date: Tue 19/08/2003 05:37
Subject: Re: Status

Dear big Turd,
Glad to have you back. We have to start in full swing as we are already running
late.I have discussed with Mr Obeya and have intimated him of your inability to
contct him at the required time due to your travel.
He has also expressed his commitment to the sucessful transfer of this funds to
you as next of kin.You are therefore to contact him as directed, using this phone
number +27 732XXXXXX.
I have discussed all issues with him and he awaits your immediate call. Also
note that you are to give me fit back on every step of this transaction for
confirmation. Also have in mind that i have trusted you and therefore you are to
fulfill the terms of our agreement at completion.
Also note that this transaction is a confidencial one and should remain like
that to enable us achieve our goals.You can contact me at this numbers +234
8033XXXXXX or +234 8023XXXXXX.
Please contact Mr Obeya immediately as all details have been fine tuned and
waiting for your confirmation.
Mr Smith

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