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Attacked by a Deinonychus while on holiday in Atlantis

From: smith.bidet
To: ed_ward
Date: Wed 20/08/2003 00:01
Subject: Re: Status

Eddy Baby

This is delightful.

Eddy, did I explain that I was profoundly deaf? I was attacked as a boy by a
Deinonychus while on holiday in Atlantis. I was a dreadful experience but one which
changed my outlook on life for the better. Every day since that dreadful day is a
delightful day.

Are every one of your days deligtful Eddy? I do hope so.

Anyway Eddy what this means is that telephones are a bit of a problem. Email and
Faxes are fine. But the number I gave you goes to voicemail and is then transcrided
by my pool of secretaries and sent to me as email.

Ask the delightfully named Mr Obeya to fax or email me and I will comply with his
every request.

Eddy, when are you comming to the UK. I've just bought my second Ferrari. They are
delightful cars Eddy. Shall I get you one?

Big Turd

Look up Deinonychus and Atlantis

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