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I am a Lawyer and a very important person in my city

From: ed_ward
To: smith.bidet
Date: Mon 04/08/2003 11:02
Subject: Re: transfer procedure

Dear Norman,
Happy to hear from you.But these few things you must carefully note,
1)In this transaction, i will trust you .You are not to take my trust for
2)I will surpervice tactfully, every aspect of this transaction to ensure it goes
well as planed.At the event of any foul play on your part, i will call the
transaction off.
3)You must know that i am a Lawyer and a very important person in my city, so you
must have that in mind.I have my reputation to protect most of all and hope same for
4)I deal with different people with different characters;Hope to enjoy this
5)I will lead you through the preliminary process after which at the endorsment of
your self as next of kin, you are to carry on from there.
6)After a phone conversation with you,i will declare you next of kin, then meet with
the Bank official responsible for your endorsment.
7)You can contact me on this phone number +234 8033XXXXXX.I will then intimate you on
the actual amount assets an worth of the diseased which on estimation, is up to US
25,000,000 dollars. You see is not small.
8)Lastly, i believe death is an eventuality, however it comes, does not matter. What
matters is how well it is enjoyed.
Expecting your call as i will also try and call you.
Prof Smith

Odd, he's changed from Dr to Prof and the money has gone up by $15million.

If I didn't trust him completely I'd think something was wrong.

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