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My good friends call me Big Turd

From: smith.bidet
To: ed_ward
Date: Sun 03/08/2003 18:36
Subject: transfer procedure

Eddy baby,

I am delighted that you are delighted. I am delighted that my "co operation is most
need in this transaction". In fact I am delighted that you should have found me.

You will learn Eddy, that many things in life delight me. I have a philosophy, Eddy,
that I will share with you. Quite simply "Life is Delightful".

Do you find life delightful Eddy? I do hope so because you will be dead soon enough,
and life would have passed you by. How disturbing for the life you have led to have
been anything less than delightful.

Anyway Eddy, back to this delightful transaction. Here are my details:

Norman Gorman Smith-Bidet
Smith-Bidet, Crapper Consulting Waste Engineers
John Thomas Buildings
South Peefield

Tel: 070 920 xxx xx
Fax: 070 920 xxx xx

Where do we go from here Eddy. This is delightfully exciting.


P.S. Eddy, my good friends call me Big Turd due to the nature of my business. If we
are friends then you may call me likewise. What do your friends call you?

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