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I will now move to declare a next of kin

From: ed_ward
To: smith.bidet
Date: Sat 02/08/2003 18:47
Subject: transfer procedure

Dear Norman,
I appreciate your prompt response. I also would like you to know that your co
operation is most need in this transaction.I will also have you understand that this
transaction is a confidencial one and therefore most remain so .
We have little time to meet up with the dead line. please forward on reply, your
full personal details including phone number and fax. this will enable me harmonize
the necessary documents needed to effect our claim.
As regards this deal, i understannd that you have the terms of this transaction
in mind. therefore, at the eventual transfer, you are to arrange for the transfer of
my due share.
I will lead you through the preliminary stage after which i you are to carry on
from therefore as the next of kin and only beneficiary.
I will now move to declare a next of kin found as i await these details. Waiting
for your prompt response.
Mr Smith

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