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I am very thankful of this mail and will show it to the president

Good try...

From: frankobeya200
To: smith.bidet
Date: Fri 23/01/2004 10:46
Subject: Re: Important

Big Turd,
Thank you for the piece of information.As you see, since the advent of Eddy, i
have been accused by the bank of being in association with eddy and since then i have
faced various allegations of fraud and misconduct , all spare headed by the vice
president , who finds me a threat to his office and position.Thank God i was cleared
in all.
You see , i have grown fast in the bank and some people are not happy with it
especially for my closeness with the president of the bank who is My Christened God
I have arranged a meeting with the President to talk issues over with him and also
present my case as to that of the vice president.I have talked on phone with him this
morning and he has assured me that all is well and that i should finish with my
correspondence with the Union Bank while we wait and see what is on Mr vice president
You see, if he was doing the right thing, he should not disclose to a costumer
about the internal problems that we encounter, this shows you that he is
malicious.Well this is not a problem as i am sure that you know it happens to all
Mr president assures me that I will work on the case while he allows his vice to
supervise, .You see, he has sent you this mail to make you complain and then he will
present it to the board to discredit me.
I am very thankful of this mail and will show it to the president on our meeting
tomorrow.You are indeed a good friend.Please do not reply him till i give you the out
come of the meeting.Just make ready all that he has requested and after our meeting ,
you may send it after i will intimate you of the out come of this meeting.
Thank you and remain a friend

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