Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 7
Email 149
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Please don't mind that stupid Joannathan

From: frankobeya200
To: smith.bidet
Date: Tue 27/01/2004 09:46
Subject: Important

Dear Big Turd,

Compliments .At last have have meet with the president and here is our decision
as at yesterday . The president has directed that both myself and Jonnathan work with
your file . He has instructed that you are to send to me a copy of every interaction
with Jonnathan so i can keep track of issues and report to him.

We agreed that it is best that you send a copy to me so as to avoid such conflict
to arise in future.I also ask you as a friend ,"do we still have have a deal?" I
assume we do. For now comma we will send the required details for the vice president
and also ensure as directed that i get a copy from you.

I will be on the front line to ensure that we are safe.Please don't mind that
stupid Joannathan, soon will own more shares and i will be his boss.I also remind you
that i am now the presidents official personal assistant and i am to start duty in
effect tomorrow

Please send your urgent response

Best wishes


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