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i am very anshious when it comes to this transaction

From: ed_ward
To: smith.bidet
Date: Mon 15/09/2003 19:13
Subject: Re: This deal

Dear Big Turd,
I must tell you that i am very anshious when it comes to this transaction.This
of course you know is above my personality or will i say we may be wanting to much.
On recieving your last message, i put a call across to Mr Obeya and have asked
for his superoir.He also informs me that he works and recieves orders only from the
executive of the bank.I can only give you the e mail address of the bank second vice
president by name Mr Frank White, that is the much i can go.His e mail address i know
is frankwhite@xxx .
I am believing that you will use your position and ensure the change as well as
achieve our goals.Also undersatnd that we need to conclude this transaction in the
nearest possible time. If most expecially this week. I will also write to inform him
of your contact.
Please work in my interest as i have spent much to secure and validate this
deal and my creditors are on my neck as well.Please also copy me your interaction
with him.

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