Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 7
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We'll need something like 14 trunks

From: smith.bidet
To: Frank Obeya
Date: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 at 23:28
Subject: Your US $25,000,000.00 is lying unclaimed

Franky baby,

How was your holiday? Delightful I hope. I think 50/50 sound fairer to me. I'll send
one of the staff over to get it. Let me have the full details of your bank.

Frank I'll need it in cash and in $100 bills. I've just had my nubile young assistant
Fiona calculate the size of such a sum and it looks like we'll need something like 14
trunks to transport it. Please purchase such trunks and take the money from the

Let me know how this delightful little matter pans out

Big Turd

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