Whats the Bloody Point?
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Hope to conclude this business this time around

From: Frank Obeya
To: smith.bidet
Date: Thu 08/01/2004 14:45
Subject: Re: Your US $25,000,000.00 is lying unclaimed

Dear Big Turd,
Thank you for your mail.Dont you think it is unwise for me to give you 50%,
afterall you had already forgotten about it.Well I think i will buy the idea afterall
with 50%my life will still change.
I think i will love to speak to some one. Have your assistant Fiona contact me
forwarding her phone number as well.You will be signing some documents for this
transaction. Also give me your fax number so i will have the documents forwarded.
Your assistant will have to prepare for the trip immediately.As for the trunk, i
think the bank managemnet has that responsibility , so i will not need to waste my
My bank is the standard bank Johannesburg.Your assistant will also have to come
with your signed document also 50% of the performance bond fee as i will be getting
the other half.
Hope to conclude this business this time around.

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