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come with an amount of US$13,700.00 in cash

From: frobeya2000
To: smith.bidet
Date: Tue 26/08/2003 13:34
Subject: Re: Fund Transfer.


Thanks for your appreciation, i will discuss with my organisation on this matter
"comply with us for we to serve you better" at then tell you what to do.

Regarding your transaction with Eddy, you are requested to come to johannesburg to
sign for the release and transfer of your fund in person. Upon your arrival you will
open what is called a non-resident escrow account with the standard bank johannesburg
south africa, it is on your local account here that the large sum will be lodged for
onward transfer to your account oversea.


Your are required to come with your two passport pictures, copy of your
identification documents like, passport or driver's lincence and an amount of
US$13,700.00 in cash, this will be used to pay your performance bond fee before your
fund can be release to you.

Yours truly,

Frank Obeya.

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