Whats the Bloody Point?
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Call the bank!

From: ed_ward
To: smith.bidet
Date: Thu 21/08/2003 12:34
Subject: Details and procedure

Dear Big Turd
As regards this transaction, i will like you to understand that, i in my
capacity as attorny to the late James Cole Chris and vested with the power of attorny
to effect his will , have done all the preliminary procedure, necessary for the
actualization of this deal.
I have meet with all parties involved in this transaction as according to law
and banking policy.I have also facilitated your endorsement and clearance as next of
kin which is the is the must important procedure that authenticates you as the
beneficairy to the funds.
You have therefore been cleared under a legitimate procedure, all you need do is
to contact Mr Obeya introducing your self as Norman Gorman Smith-Bidet a beneficiary
to the funds of the late James.Also state that i have directed you to contact him.I
have discussed all issues with him and he awaits your call .
Note therefore that he will at contact direct you on the necessary steps you are
to take and the necessary applications your are to make to have your money US
25,000,000 transfered.
All the paper that i have used to effect your clearance have been forwarded to
him to be used in the transfer process.
Contact him as directed and call me or e mail me giving me details of you
intereation with him for clarification.
Mr Smith

Now a lowly "Mr" again.

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