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need some assurance as to your identity

From: smith.bidet
To: Frank Obeya
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2004 at 21:06
Subject: Re: Meeting at Johannesburg


I was delighted to get your email. You must understand Franky, that I am somewhat
concerned about this transaction due to the lies Eddy told me. I would very much like
to trust you as you seem to be such a pleasant and delightful little fellow.

$6,875 is of course not a problem as I carry more than that around with me in cash
for my daily expenses and emergencies. Why just last week I bought one of those
little £6000 Smart cars for the very nice homeless fellow who sits on the pavement
outside my office. It was raining and he looked miserable, so I bought him something
to keep him dry. Sadly he repaid me by getting pissed and driving it in to our front
reception area and hospitalizing himself and three of my staff. Can you believe the
idiot hadn't even taken insurance out on the vehicle so it is now a complete
write-off. That will teach me not to be so impulsive in future. I should have bought
him an umbrella.

However, I am still concerned about this money transfer deal and I need some
assurance as to your identity.

I would therefore be obliged if you could send me a copy of your international
passport by return.

Big Turd

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