Whats the Bloody Point?
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Scam 1 (started May 2, 2003)
Closed but still makes me laugh     updated 24 Mar 23 
Dominic Goma  Bank of Africa, Ivory Coast v Sir Gerald Womo Milton Glockenspiel
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Scam 2 (started May 4, 2003)
Sends £5 and very very dumb - Closed     updated 02 Jun 03 
Barrister Abuoma Sadiq  a solicitor at law v Professor George Wadaloop Muffin
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Scam 3 (started May 4, 2003)
Scammer hands over 10 Euro! - Closed     updated 29 May 03 
Bako Ndiovu Of Zimbawe  now in Netherlands v Ethel Wormvarnish
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Scam 4 (started May 10 2003)
Made the newspapers in S Africa - Closed     updated 04 Aug 03 
Leonard O Kujo  Middle Bank Of Africa, Benin Republic v Rev. Wally Tightnuts and Daphne Donkeykong
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Scam 5 (started May 13, 2003)
Closed     updated 28 May 03 
Sarah Sieta  Widow dying of cancer v Rev. Wally Tightnuts
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Scam 6 (started June 3, 2003)
Penelope gets stroppy - Closed     updated 04 Aug 03 
Col. Frank Abe  Presidential Aide - Congo v Dr Reginald Reggy Ptar-Ptar Spankdemonkey & Ms Penelope Septic-Crud
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Scam 7 (started Aug 1, 2003)
Scammer comes clean     updated 16 Feb 04 
Dr Edward Smith  Very important person v Norman Gorman Smith-Bidet
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Scam 8 (started July 30, 2003)
More twists than a twisty thing     updated 20 Feb 04 
Miss Maureen Adje Charlse  only surviving daughter v Norman Gorman Smith-Bidet III & Gonad McDangle
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Scam 9 (started Oct 16, 2003)
I've Won $5.5 million - Closed     updated 17 Nov 03 
The Promotions Manager  Grand Global Lottery v Lord Xavier Nelson Warmbucket
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Scam 11 (started Aug 11,2004)
£10,000 Cheque Arrives     updated 27 Nov 04 
Fredrick Jones  Cheque Scammer v Norman Arseglop Stoatgobbler
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