Whats the Bloody Point?
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Scam 6 (started June 3, 2003)         Penelope gets stroppy - Closed
Col. Frank Abe  Presidential Aide - Congo v Dr Reginald Reggy Ptar-Ptar Spankdemonkey & Ms Penelope Septic-Crud
blue = good guys     red = bad guys
Opening Email
Enter Dr Reginald Reggy Ptar-Ptar Spankdemonkey
Lots of Capitals
"very long and big doody leters"
I help muny get u good good
Scammer sends photos
What is the situation please
Tell mee wat u need in litel rites
Send information ASAP
wen i get dosh dosh Mr Frank?
Please make contact
Noo uzertand u email
I get myz sekretry to email U yes?
I am in Rep of Ireland
Enter Ms Penelope Septic-Crud
You have not replied
Three emails arrive
Your writing style is quite painful
I am an Army Col and need some respect
To get respect one has to earn it
Accept a gold Rolex watch as a gift
Last try
Frank replies
I am extremely angry
I will only wait till on Tuesday
A copy of Dr Spankdemonkey's passport is attached
Contact the company in Holand today
The number is not working
Haven't heard from you
Why are you wasting Dr Spankdemonkey's valuable time?
I am not happy
Dispatch them to the London address
Spankdemonkey on female self reconstructive surgery
Mr Frank, pull your finger out your backside
this is the second time i am sending you this mail
Pretending to be dumb for a reason?
We do not appreciate being ignored
I will look for someone else
acting like a lavatory cleaner
The cargo company mail back
Our contact details are as follows
Chocolate tea pot
Dear Little Man

A Small Note
email: 419@whatsthebloodypoint.com
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