Whats the Bloody Point?

There is no charge to read whatsthebloodypoint.com and there never will be. I am delighted that people are being entertained by this site. I also aim to educate people to be wary of Internet fraud in its many disguises. I enjoy knowing that people spend a serious length of time here (often when they should be doing something else).

I have had numerous emails thanking me for this site and a number of amazing people have sent paypal donations.

So for those amazing people I can only say a big thank you.

Amazing people (in no particular order) include:

Mel Gannon     Lennart Koschella     Steven Thom     Monique LeBleu     Owen Price
Robert Hayden   Phillip Ludlow   Fred Koke   Anonymous   Thomas Powell
Anthony Hollis   Howard Prouty   Bradford Mandell   Ayse T   Luca Gibelli
William Robinson   John Mahon   Rusty Williams   Kayode OJO   M A
Heinrich Stegemann   J G Schulze   Deborah Spencer   Value Visas   John King
Michael Sarosi   Kevin Ayers   Emily Garlick   Chris Bashall   Fabio Borghesi
Geoff Ingall   Anthony Tellier   Stephen Simpson   Ian Hill   Stuart Bullock
Jenni Kula   Paul Grant   Marco Sebastenelli   Martyn OConnor   Bonnie Britz
John Edun   Ben Tambling   Natalie Woods   Deavon Badami   Michael Maguire
Neil Winchester   Lilian Iluta   Maureen Mulford   James Hum    
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