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Pretending to be dumb for a reason?

From: Penelope
To: frankabe2003
Date: Tue 22/07/2003 16:54
Subject: Re: this is the second time i am sending you this mail please coctact them and tell me what next

Mr Frank,

Dr Spankdemonkey is now very angry at your lack of understanding. He has asked me to
ask you if you are pretending to be dumb for a reason or if it comes naturally? He
gets very impatient dealing with dumb people and you are trying his patience

Yes we did get your first email and if you had actually read my response you would
see that I have already told you that the incompetent morons in Holland are not
replying to their email.

Mr Frank what do you expect us to do if the holding company are ignoring us?

Mr Frank, pull your finger out your backside and do some work on this problem. This
is a lot of money we are talking about.

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