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Spankdemonkey on female self reconstructive surgery

From: Penelope
To: frankabe2003
Date: Thursday, July 17, 2003 at 20:22
Subject: Cargo Company

Mr Frank,

I am afraid that the cargo company in Holland are nothing but a bunch of
incompetents. Their phone never works and they do not respond to my emails.

Why would you trust such an important shipment to a load of brain dead morons?

Dr Spankdemonkey is most upset that you should be so dim-witted as to use a budget
company when there are so many reputable agents in Europe.

Mr Frank I suggest you get the shipment moved from this joke of a company as soon as
possible. I do not trust them at all.

Would you like us to introduce a reputable company to you?

While I am writing, you will be interested to know that Dr Spankdemonkey and myself
will be spending the whole summer in London now as his book "Spankdemonkey on female
self reconstructive surgery" has just gone in to it's fourth edition and his
publisher has advanced him £2 million for the next book in the series. Reginald
finds London ideal for his writing and so wishes to extend his stay.

Please let us know when the shipment is in the hands of a professional company

I look forward to your reply.

Penelope Septic-Crud (Ms)

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