Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 6
Email 16
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Enter Ms Penelope Septic-Crud

From: Penelope
To: frankabe2003
Date: Friday, June 13, 2003 at 19:29
Subject: Your email to Dr Spankdemonkey

My dear Mr Frank,

My name is Penelope Septic-Crud. I am private personal secretary to Dr Reginald Reggy
Ptar-Ptar Spankdemonkey.

Some background may be helpful to you. Dr Spankdemonkey is the Principality of
Lichtenstein’s foremost and most prominent Gynaecological Surgeon. He is famous
world-wide for his invention of the Spankdemonkey Pelvic Inductive Thruster (known as
the SPIT in gynaecological circles). This invention has made him extremely famous and
also fabulously rich. However he still continues with his work and can be found at
his desk every morning at 6.30am. He has a very busy practice and will always make
himself available to see his clients (many of them famous celebrities) at a drop of a

I only mention this so that you are aware of the sort of man you are dealing with.

Unfortunately Dr Spankdemonkey’s grasp of English is poor and so, as well as his
private personal secretary, I act as his translator and frequent travelling partner
– if you know what I mean. He is very kind to me.

Dr Spankdemonkey is most interested in your proposal and wishes to assist you in any
way he can.

I have taken over correspondence with you as Dr Spankdemonkey was having difficulty
understanding what it is you need of him.

I would be grateful if you would outline your needs to me briefly and concisely and
then we can get on with business.

I look forward to your reply.

Penelope Septic-Crud (Ms)

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