Whats the Bloody Point?
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Scam 4 (started May 10 2003)         Made the newspapers in S Africa - Closed
Leonard O Kujo  Middle Bank Of Africa, Benin Republic v Rev. Wally Tightnuts and Daphne Donkeykong
blue = good guys     red = bad guys
Opening Email
Enter Rev. Wally Tightnuts
He's chairman of St Joseph Brethren apparently
Persistent little scammer
Very Persistent
The Rev says ring me
The scammer calls
The scammer calls again
The scammer also mails
The scammer calls but again
Ring again - but this time SHOUT!
4th call - "I am not happy about it"
You really must follow my instructions
You know it costs a lot of money calling you
Shout you bastard! Shout!
You poor man
What you need to do
His seventh call
Here's my passport
I need your details
The Holy Church of St Gullible, East Weestain ...
Oh good my money is on its way.
Leonard Kujo sends a fax
Mr Kujo's 8th telephone message
Fly to Amsterdam and pay $15,000
A fax for $45 million
But I already have tickets to Ghana
Proceed to Ghana
Mrs Donkeykong has chosen a Porsche Boxster S
Confirm Your Flight
Flight details - arrange a Mercedes
Off-Shore Bureau only accepts cash
"Toad loves water but not when water is hot"
Are you drunk?
Where are you now?
What exactly is your problem?
I may be dealing with a mad man
You are insane
I can only think you must be a fraud
You are trying to starve my family
Get back to me urgently
You can tell me I'm a priest
I have to pay for Mrs Donkeykong's car next week
I got a chinese businessman
You owe me an apology
Jeopardise all my efforts
Stay with me while you fight your addiction
You are an alchoholic Pastor
Mrs Donkeykong will be praying for your complete recovery
You are insane
not written in any version of English that I understand
Tell us of your health and state of mind
Arising from the ashes...
The Orphanage of Juan King
I have waiteed for your mail
please confirm to me when you are due in South Africa
Another voice message
I get very flustered on the telephone
It will be a great opportunity to meet a man of God
Mrs Donkeykong is concerned that you too may be an alchoholic
Johannesburg International Airport
I will be booking tickets
US $15,000 and a flag of the UK
Leonard is back
Given your history of drinking problems...
Are you suggesting that I should cancel my dealings
I am not saying you should cancel your dealings
Mrs Donkeykong was caught on speed camera doing 147mph
Please don't waste my time again like last time.
A fumbled call...
As soon as you get in contact - email me back
i will be on a black suit
many many foreigners are robbed and mugged
Fasting and Praying
dear father
I hope you understand my fear
I am worried to know
Are you drinking again
We shall meet face to face and celebrate for joy
Mrs Donkeykong adopting you as her own child
Please Rev don't be confused again
Your drinking problem
I really need your reassurance
dear father, there is no problem
Rev. Try and understand me.
** The Airport !! **
Enter Daphne Donkeykong
Wally is not at all happy
Daphne I accect your offer to adopt me as your own son
Something with racing cars on
The officials was in the airport
am so much worried to know what is going on
Do unspeakable things to my genitalia with electrodes
Your new Mum, Daphne Donkeykong
You are a sick individual and have upset me tremendously
On my computer now waiting for your urgent response
Something fast and have our money
I can arrange to meet him
Good news from Mummy
You don't write, you don't call...
Last try…
Can you sent to me the air ticket?
Of course your Mummy will pay for your airline ticket
A death threat
You come right there at the bottom
send the money to me to preper for my passport
Refused my application to adopt you

A Small Note
email: 419@whatsthebloodypoint.com
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