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Do unspeakable things to my genitalia with electrodes

From: rev.wally
To: leo_k_2003; paulmaga2001
Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 19:01
Subject: Most Upset

My Children,

Bishop Juan King has now managed to get me connected to the Internet and my email.

May I start by saying that I am very disappointed and confused. I came out of
departures and there was no one in sight to meet me. This, despite Paul's assurances
that I would be looked after.

I am pleased to report that, despite my fears, I am both safe and comfortable and the
Bishop is looking after me very well indeed. The considerable sum of money is safely
locked away. The orphanage of Juan King is a very special place and I am enthralled
by the kindness and beauty.

I await your contact but it is only fair to warn you that I have my doubts about this
whole transaction now. The Bishop is pleading with me not to contact you as he feels
that you may be fraudsters and that I have had a lucky escape. He really believes
that you were preparing to kidnap me and do unspeakable things to my genitalia with
electrodes. He knows about these things apparently.

Anyway despite his protestations I am once again making contact and await your
explanation for abandoning me at the Airport.

Rev Wally Tightnuts

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