Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 4
Email 65
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Given your history of drinking problems...

From: rev.wally
To: leo_k_2003
Date: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 at 19:28
Subject: Your Email

Leonard, my child, how nice to hear from you again.

Mrs Donkeykong and myself are most concerned about your drinking problem and when we
didn't hear from you we figured that you must have drunk yourself in to an early

Mrs Donkeykong will be delighted that you are still alive as she has been praying for
your salvation. Please reassure us as to your health.

We are now concluding this deal with a very nice Mr Paul Maga and everything is going
very well.

Given your history of drinking problems and the fact that your mood changes are both
severe and unpredictable we think it would be best if we continued to transact this
deal through Mr Maga. I know you will see the wisdom in this decision.

You know Leonard that the invitation to stay with us at East Weestain is always open.
We think the country air will do you some good and you will be amongst friends who
will be able to help you with your weakness for the bottle.

We are thinking of you

Rev Wally Tightnuts

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