Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 4
Email 49
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Mrs Donkeykong will be praying for your complete recovery

From: rev.wally
To: leo_k_2003
Date: Sat 07/06/2003 23:05
Subject: Time Waste

My child

It seems that you have simply been wasting my time.

I see now that your story is obviously not true and I am pleased that I didn't fly
out last week.

I have no idea why you should have a need to make such a story up. I can only assume
you are sick.

As you say you have no wish to proceed there is no reason to contact your friend Dr
Teddy. I assume he doesn't really exist anyway.

If there is any truth in this transaction and you need my assistance for real then I
suggest you get Dr Teddy to contact me himself. Maybe he is more stable than you and
easier to do business with.

Mrs Donkeykong and myself will be praying for your complete recovery. You are in our
thoughts Leonard.

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