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many many foreigners are robbed and mugged

Must make sure he's at the airport with a sign.
We have plans...

From: rev.wally
To: paulmaga2001, leo_k_2003
Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 at 09:26
Subject: Re: My arrival in South Africa

Paul, my child,

Thank you for your email below. I am much relieved that you will be meeting me in the

Bishop Juan King is most concerned and wanted me to go straight to him before our
meeting. He doesn't exactly know our business but does know that I have business to
do first. He is well versed in African affairs and wanted to know all about it. I
told him that I would tell him when I meet him in person, which I will as he is a
friend and I trust him completely.

He suggests that many many foreigners are robbed and mugged around Johannesburg and
this worries me greatly.

Please make sure you are at the airport early and that you are waiting for me at
arrivals right at the front. I am concerned that I will be carrying a lot of money
and I will only feel safe if yours is the first face I see at arrivals.

Please carry a large sign with my surname on (TIGHTNUTS). If I don't see you I will
be very nervous indeed and will certainly take a taxi straight to my friend the
Bishop. I will not wait around and look for you with that much money on me.

Paul my child - Please assure me that you will be there at the front waiting with a
clear sign.

Just to remind you again my flight details are as follows:

Departs London (LHR) Monday Evening 21 JUL 21:00
Arrives Johannesburg (JNB) Tuesday Morning 22 JUL 09:15
Flight Number VS601 Virgin Atlantic

Please mail me back with your reassurance.

Rev Wally Tightnuts

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