Whats the Bloody Point?
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What you need to do

From: leonard o kujo
To: rev.wally
Date: Tue 20/05/2003 00:17


I called your house telephone but it was on auto response.

well ,all i need now is bank account informations where the funds will be
transferred and your full address which will be used to process some of the legal
documents and the affidavit in support of our claim.

When the funds is approved you will be required to fly down to Ghana where we have
enough reserve to make your payment through our off-shore payment bureau in Ghana.

right there you will be required to pay the sum of $15000usd as the stamp duty, it is
only here that you will spend money and your funds will be remitted immediately and
right there in ghana you will confirm the funds from your bankers from Ghana before
your departure to your country.

note that i will spend the sum of 65,000us dollars to get all the legal documents
that will back up the transaction from the federal high court here in benin through
the help of an accrideted lawyer. note also that i will send you my copy of
international pasport and id as soon as you indicated that you are ready to handle
the business and i might like yours too just as a form of trust between us.

i am waiting for your urgent response as we have no much time to delay and if you are
fast the transaction will be conclude in 7 banking days.



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