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You are trying to starve my family

All nice and friendly again...

From: leonard o kujo
To: rev.wally
Date: Sat 31/05/2003 03:03

dear rev wally.

greeting and thanks for your mails, how are you doing over there, hope all is well
and fine.

you see not that i have some one else to do this business with, but the way you talks
to me seems to me as if you are joking or you are seriouse about this transaction.

now what i want you to do for the benifit of both of us is that i would like an
accridated lawyer attached to the bank to fly to ghana and sign the fund release oder
F.R.O, as it seems to me that you are having daout or entertaning some fears.you know
that i spent the sum of 65,000 us dollars to get all those documents in your name as
the beneficiary and next of kin to mr destin pal which i have sent to you as a prove,
and i don't want to loos such a big amount of money just like that.the course of my
illness now is becaouse of it, i told you that i have a familly of three children and
now you want to foustrate them, you are a rev father and you are trying to starve my

if you can agree to this, then we can go ahead, but if you don't agree on this, then
you sent me a power of anthony so that i will go a head and do the business with
another person.

am anxiously waiting to hear from you as soon as you recieved this message.

thanks and remain bless,

leonard kujo.

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