Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 4
Email 90
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Wally is not at all happy

From: daphne.donkeykong
To: leo_k_2003
Date: Tue 22/07/2003 17:06
Subject: Rev Wally

Hello Leonard,

Wally asked me to email you to tell you that Paul Maga didn't turn up to meet him.
Wally was left in a busy airport carrying a considerable sum of money and he is not
at all happy.

Thankfully Wally is now safe and sound at Bishop Juan King's orphanage and I have
just put the phone down to him.

Wally wants to know what you think he should do now?

Daphne Donkeykong (Miss)

P.S. Leonard, did Wally mention that I wanted to adopt you as my own son? Have you
given the matter any thought? I can look after you well and assist you with your
drinking problem.

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