Whats the Bloody Point?
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Scam 9 (started Oct 16, 2003)         I've Won $5.5 million - Closed
The Promotions Manager  Grand Global Lottery v Lord Xavier Nelson Warmbucket
blue = good guys     red = bad guys
A lump sum pay out of US$5.5M in cash
Sell one of the Van Goghs to make ends meet
it is very important to call Mr.Lesslee John
Why ring a number in Ivory Coast?
A happy and meaningful life with your prize money
Your rather extraordinary use of the Queen's English
You are not in any way disqualified
Converse without making a complete abortion of the language
I am concerned
I was counting on the $5.5 million
Back on it seems
I would implore you to be speedy
we hereby send you the prize winner questionaire
You form has been filled in and attached
Charges of US $4,550
Confirm if you have received your prize money.
The telephone number you have given is not reachable
impossible for the telephone line to be connected to a chinese restaurant
slightly frustrated
Mr. Philip Mormoh is looking forward to hear from you
send the old dear out on the streets again
Dear Sir Warmbucket
In reply to your request I answer as follows
you will not forget me
How jolly spiffing
prize payment schedule mail is hereby confirmed
slightly concerned
I will send my driver
meet at the Sheraton

A Small Note
email: 419@whatsthebloodypoint.com
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