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You are not in any way disqualified

From: infomation_lottodraw
To: lord.xavier
Date: Wed 22/10/2003 13:06

Dear Winner,
Thank you again for your prompt response.
The grand global promo. lotto`s payment tradition to every winner is a direct CASH
Therefore no transfer into your bank account will take place,though winner`s bank
details are asked in a winner`s questionaire which you will be sent,but this is just
to be on a safe side in cases when acclaimed winner`s are not the real winners.
Do understand that you are not in any way disqualified,since every winner must prove
their data in the questionaire.
You are therefore once again adviced to attach with Dr.Leslee John the foreign
service manager on tel / fax No: 00225-0706-xxxx for the winner`s questionaire and
other important information.
As soon as you fill and return the questionaire you will then be adviced your payment
Awaiting your early message.
Clautild Rosaline / Customer service

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