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Your rather extraordinary use of the Queen's English

From: lord.xavier
To: infomation_lottodraw
Date: Mon 21/10/2003 19:06

To: Lesslee John Esq

My dear sir,

I thank you once again for your email. I am afraid very little of it made sense to
me. Your rather extraordinary use of the Queen's English has quite taken me back.

> And hereby inform you that you will be communicated in the
> usual way your payment date.

What exactly, sir, does this mean? Do I simply sit back and wait now? Do you require
my bank account details for transfer? Please inform me of the next stage in this

> In anticipation to your prompt response we once again
> CONGRATULATE YOU and wish you a happy and meaningful
> life with your prize money.

Oh dear, I already have a happy and meaningful life. Does this disqualify me? I do
hope not. Should I act miserable and unworthy when the prize committee come visiting?
Do advise, I beg of you sir, as I am now all in a tizzy.

I look forward to your response.

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