Whats the Bloody Point?
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A happy and meaningful life with your prize money

From: infomation_lottodraw
To: lord.xavier
Date: Mon 21/10/2003 14:01

Dear Winner,
We confirm receipt of your prompt mail.
And hereby inform you that you will be communicated in the usual way your payment
Be informed that Mr. Stanley martins is the foreign service PRO and secretary.
If you are truly a participant and a winner of this lotto we suppose you will know
where you bought your ticket and which office is suppose to process your claims.
Therefore we wouldn't want to waste precious work time in vain.
We do not just send questionaires to people like that,we would need to confirm some
data to be in accordance with the laws on promo lotteries
The work ethics of the grand global promo lotto must be followed.
In anticipation to your prompt response we once again CONGRATULATE YOU and wish you a
happy and meaningful life with your prize money.
Leslee John / Forgn service / promtns manager

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