Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 9
Email 3
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it is very important to call Mr.Lesslee John

From: infomation_lottodraw
To: lord.xavier
Date: Mon 20/10/2003 15:21

Dear Winner,(Xavier Nelson)
Thank you very kindly for your prompt response.
We also hereby congratulate you on the prize of US$ 5.5 million you've just won.
As a regional Promotions Manager/agent for the Grand Global Promo.Lotto be informed
that your name is already sent to the head office for immediate processing of your
prize and payment arrangements.
You will be sent a questionaire after this mail to enable the speedy proccessing and
confirmation of your payment.
As soon as you receive this mail,it is very important to call Mr.Lesslee John the
Regional Promotions Manager on 00225-0706-XXXX for further clarifications.
While anticipating your prompt response once again.
Leslee John/ / Promotions Manager. (Regional)

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