Whats the Bloody Point?
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I would implore you to be speedy

From: lord.xavier
To: claims_dept_grandgloballotto
Date: Friday, October 31, 2003 at 03:19
Subject: My Winnings

My dear Dr. Leslee John,

I am in receipt of my winning email thus:

REF: OYL /26510460037/02
BATCH: 24/00319/IPD

I write to claim my prize money and understand that I need to fill out a

I would implore you to be speedy with the paperwork as I have only a week left to pay
the gentlemen from the Inland Revenue £2.8 million in inheritance tax.

Without the prize money I will be forced to sell one of the Van Goghs.

I remain sir, you most obedient servant and look forward to your response.

Lord Xavier Nelson Warmbucket

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