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Mr. Philip Mormoh is looking forward to hear from you

From: claims_dept_grandgloballotto
To: lord.xavier
Date: Tue 11/11/2003 10:26
Subject: Re: No More Problems

My Dear Winner (Lord xavier),
I am also disappointed that you are unable to reach the security house for your
payment,despite all the efforts made to bring this to fruition.
You know I am expected to give reports regarding your file which I have promptly done
and have received approval.
I just finished speaking to Mr.Mormoh in respect of the case of another winner a
woman,whose payment is scheduled for this afternoon.And all her calls to this office
were uninterupted.
You have no problems at all concerning your payment,and Mr. Philip Mormoh is looking
forward to hear from you.
You should contact him directly with this e-mail address and telephone No:
Tel / Fax:003164-785-xxxx .
Tell him that you a calling or writing to confirm your lotto payment schedule.
Your name and lotto particulars are already with them.
Inform you as soon as you get through to them.
Kindest regadrs.
Leslee John / foreign service manager.

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