Whats the Bloody Point?
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Scam 3 (started May 4, 2003)         Scammer hands over 10 Euro! - Closed
Bako Ndiovu Of Zimbawe  now in Netherlands v Ethel Wormvarnish
blue = good guys     red = bad guys
Opening email
Enter Ethel Wormvarnish
More about the Deal
Hung like donkeys
He wants to "know ourselfs deeply", but business first
You have me very excited, but still no photo!
I am a handsome man
Has he lost Ethel?
No she's been busy with her exotic snake act
Bako doesn't play his joker in the subtlety rounds
Ethel gets a shock
Bako not happy
Ring me
"going to know ourselfs very well"
Have snake will travel
Bako calls...
Come to Las Vegas with me
you and I will both go together to Las vegars
Ethel does that woman sulky thing
I am very sorry
Make sure your shirt is off
Looks like he's gone
Come to Amsterdam with 3,200 Euros
I have an animal abuse order in Holand
Bako rings...
...then mails
Ethel rushes to the bank
tomorrow will be the deadline
Say you will do it
Whatever you ask me to do I will do it
If you do this I will know you are true
Very quiet
I have sent you that letter today
Stay with me
You will get the envelope either Mon or Tue
What colour shall I paint your bedroom?
White!? Where's your imagination man?
Putting a go-cart track in the grounds
Are you OK?
Scammer's money comes in the post
Scamorama says - 10 euros makes you world champion !!
I knew I was right to trust you
go ahead and send the money
I was going to send €5,500
Short and to the point
I'm flying over...
Arrive - Brussels 24 MAY 2003 at 1420
No reply
Bako calls...
Bako emails...
This will mess his head up...
Where are you?
What are you talking about
Where is my money?
Forget the room next to the swimming pool

A Small Note
email: 419@whatsthebloodypoint.com
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