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you and I will both go together to Las vegars

From: bakondiovu
To: ethelw
Date: Mon 12/05/2003 21:35
Subject: RE: thanks,I recieved your mail

Dear Ethel,

I have been trying to get you on phone but very difficult and that is the reson why I
left that message.Please call me so that we can discause because I went back to the
security company today and I am confused, because I dont know really if you are
willing to assist me in this transaction or not.I told you to send to me your
telephone and fax numbers to enable me send to you the needful documents concerning
the deposit of my fund with security company which you dident.

should I go ahead with the change of ownership to your name? because that is the
first phase to enable us give to you the right to claim the consignment on our
behalf. Please know all this things so that I can know what to do next.

As soon as this transaction is been concluded you and I will both go together to Las

Hopeing to hear from you soonest,


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