Whats the Bloody Point?
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If you do this I will know you are true

Name and address below replaced with ---

From: ethelw
To: bakondiovu
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 21:35
Subject: Thank You

> what do you want me to do to prove myself
> to you.whatever you ask me to do I will do it.

Thank you Bako. We must show the sweet man at the WU office that he is wrong and also
show me that I have nothing to fear. Just send that €10 (wrap it in paper inside
the envelope so it is not seen) by air mail post to:

Ms E ---
United Kingdom

This is my postal address and everyone in the building knows me as Ms --- because
that is my stage name.

After you send it you must email me how much the interest is and when I get the €10
I will Western Union you all the money I have taken out plus enough to pay you back
the €10 plus all the interest. I have lots of money from Daddy's inheritance so
this is not a problem for me.

If you do this I will know you are true.

Bako you are a lovely sweet man. Please don't be angry at me for testing you.

Your dearest Ethel

I'm sceptical - It's not that easy

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