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Come to Amsterdam with 3,200 Euros

From: bakondiovu
To: ethelw
Date: Wed 14/05/2003 19:12
Subject: RE: Urgent

Dearest Ethel,

Please do not be upset with me, I am working day and night to secure the finance to
be able to clear the consignment from the security company. I do love you and only
time will prove that. You do not need to be worrying about my picture when you are
going to have me with you all the time as soon as we are able to conclucde this

I want to inform you that the security company has charged the amount of 6,000.00
Euro as payment for clearing and handling fee for the consignment. I have been very
busy trying to raise this money so I can bring the consignment out and once the
consignment is in my posession, we will be able to travel to Las Vegas and do all
sort of things you will like.

Meanwhile I have painstakingly raised 2,800 Euros and needed a balance of 3200 Euros
to complete the charges. I am appealing to you to come dowm immediately to Amsterdam
with this balance to assit me in taking posession of this consignment. The security
company gave me a deadline for this friday to finish the payment otherwise the
consignment will start accumulating demurrage of 200 Euros per day.

Dear Ethel, You can see why I have not been able to reply your mail or even have the
time to take a picture and send to you as requested. Like I said, time will prove my
love for you, but let us get hold of this consignment as it will afford us any kind
of luxury we may need.

I am still unable to reach you on the phone number you gave me. Please call me to let
me know if you can come with this balance of 3200 Euros on or before friday so that
we can go to the security company and collect the consignment.

Awaiting your urgent reply or call.

Your's truly,


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