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Bako doesn't play his joker in the subtlety rounds

From: bakondiovu
To: ethelw
Date: Thu 08/05/2003 16:35
Subject: RE: thanks,I recieved your mail

Dear Ethel,

I am very happy to read again from you.thanks for your concern about me.
Honestly speaking Ethel,although we have not meet face to face,I am already in love
and will be very happy that we are going to enjoy together when this money is out.

Well theres is no much procedings of collecting this money from the security
company.its something I whould have done if not the laws guiding the asylum seekers,
that we can not handle such amount of money.Now I want to file in an application to
the security company for change of ownership to your name, so that you can come down
for us to go together to the company for withdrawal and then to your account so that
we can go together back to your conutry for the ivestment.

Be inform that there is no risk involved in this transaction hence I have all the
official documents with the security company about the deposit of my fund with
them.So I will like you to send to me your telephone and fax numbers where I can send
to you the needful documents. By tomorrow, I will be going for the change of
ownership and will be sending it across to you with order documents and please you
have to keep this matter very confidencial.

hoping to hear from you soonest,my sweet-hart.
Best Regards,

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