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White!? Where's your imagination man?

From: bakondiovu
To: ethelw
Date: Mon 19/05/2003 09:27
Subject: RE: New house for us

Dearest Ethel,

How was the weekend.I hope it was fine.I could not reply your last mail that same
saturday evening due to time because I always send mail from a business center and
they work half day on saturdays.so my dear I aplogise for not have been intouch with
you since saturday and I wasnt myself also because I feel you and misses you a lot,
my Love.

Congratulation for the new house and also very happy that you cares for me
and promise that you will not be disappointed.Well as per the colour in my own
bedroom, I will like it to be white or what do you think?

Will I be expecting the money today? so that I will collect the consignment today
from the security company and start arenging my travlling documents to meet with you
in London as soon as possible because my dear,I want to be with you to show you that
I love you.

hopeing to hear from you soonest.
Yours dearest

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