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Hung like donkeys

Time to add some sexual tension...

From: ethelw
To: bakondiovu
Date: 05 May 2003 20:52
Subject: thanks,I recieved your mail

Hello Bako,

You really do sound like a wonderful caring man. I must tell you
that I cried when I read about your father.

I didn't realise that you were married. What a shame. I am
particularly fond of men from Zimbabwe. The few I have encountered I
have always found to be real men with big personalities. And the few
I have become intimate with have been hung like donkeys.

You didn't send a photo like I asked. I'd really like to see a photo

Are you happily married?

One day we will meet. Let me send you my favourite photo. I've
attached a recent photo from a modelling assignment. They made me
wear a blonde wig but I don't know why because my hair underneath is
blond anyway. I hope you like the photo it is one of my favourites.

Speak soon

Ethel Wormvarnish

Ethel & Bako's story made in to an opera
Ethel's photo is
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