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What colour shall I paint your bedroom?

From: ethelw
To: bakondiovu
Date: Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 22:46
Subject: New house for us

Dearest Bako,

I am very excited about all this. I think I will send you €5,500 to cover all
interest and still have enough to get a plane ticket to come over.

I am so excited. It's been my little secret but I must now tell you that yesterday I
finished my purchase of a new house. It is beautiful. It has 7 bedrooms and I have
asked the builders to make one of the bedrooms for you. It is a big bedroom with a 50
inch plasma TV and direct access to the swimming pool and gym. I am having a 10 foot
wide bed put in for you and a Jacuzzi in your own bathroom.

Please let me know what colour you want the bedroom painted.

I’m looking forward to completing all this so that we can be together.

Your dearest Ethel

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