Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 3
Email 36
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You will get the envelope either Mon or Tue

From: bakondiovu
To: ethelw
Date: Sat 17/05/2003 11:26
Subject: RE: I am happy now

Dearest Ethel,

How are you today.hope fine with you.How are you doing the weekend?

I believe you will get the envelope either monday or tuesday because of the
weekend.As per to know the exact amount you will send to me that depends the day you
want to send it to me beacuse what I surpose to pay to the security company as of
friday as the balance is 3,200.00 Euros but since it have started attracting intrest
that same day of 200 Euros per day.so all depends when you will send me the money.

Have a nice weekend.
yours darling,

Looks like I'm getting Mr Scammer's €10

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