Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 3
Email 28
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From: ethelw
To: bakondiovu
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 16:41

Bako, I went to the local corner shop where I usually get my milk as they run a
Western Union franchise. The little man there is very sweet and he always says hello
and asks about my show and the snake. He's really nice.

I was arranging to send the money when he stopped me talking and put on a very
serious face. He told me that they have had a number of unhappy customers who have
sent money to Africa and Holland and then been ripped off.

I told him that you loved me and you weren't one of those people. But he said he was
an expert in these things and I should check first. Bako I'm sorry this man was very
worried about me and I have to make him see that he is wrong. Also he has got me a
little worried too.

He tells me that the way to prove you are genuine is to have you send me a small
amount by Western Union or Post first.

So Bako you must send me €10 by WU? I will give you my local WU office details or a
post address if you agree. Will you do that for me?

You understand my dear. I am asking you for a proof of your good faith. Think of it
as a small token of your love and it is not the money that's important, it's the
gesture. I'll add more money to the total I send to compensate you.

I have all your money here and I want to send it to you as soon as possible and show
the sweet man that he is wrong.

Please mail me back and don't be angry. Please respect me.

THIS GESTURE is very important for me.

Ethel X X X <-- these are kisses

here fishy fishy...

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