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Bako not happy

Don't talk to the Africans.

From: bakondiovu
To: ethelw
Date: Fri 09/05/2003 11:07
Subject: RE: thanks,I recieved your mail

Dear Ethel,

I am not happy about the kind of mail you sent to me.How are my playing games with
you? How can I make fun of you, my dear Ethel.If somebody contacted you from africa
for a business,How have I offends you in that aspect? I am in holland and have every
documents concerning my business proposal to you which I know that is 100% shure.

My sweet-hart,please there is no problem in any way atall as soon as I finish sending
you this E-mail I am going to the security company for the change of ownership which
I told about yesterday.I have an aponitment with them today.bear in mind that you
will be coming to holland to meet me for us to go together to the security company
for you to see things to yourself.I Have made up my mind to conclude this transaction
with you and notting can stop it.

just hold on to the letter you got from africa, till we meet so that I can advise you
of what to do.please keep this our trnsaction very confidencial as you know that this
is all I am depending upon.dont give out information to any body, even this people
that send to you business proposal at this time,I am still thinking about it because
they may be trying to get information from you about this our trnsaction.so for that
do not reply them till we get this money out from the security company then we can
call them,please.

looking forward to hearing from you soonest,my sweet-hart.
Best Regards

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